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If you would like to include a prostate massage with your erotic massage, our masseuses are specially trained in these techniques, which will ensure you the most powerful experience and complete relaxation during the massage. Not surprisingly, the male prostate gland is referred to as the male “g-spot” because some men can only reach orgasm through its stimulation. This taboo is long gone, it is a growing trend and a feeling that you should definitely try.

What are the benefits of prostate massage?

Much stronger orgasms have been shown in men, especially when he incorporates them into masturbation techniques. Prostate gland stimulation helps solve the problems of premature ejaculation by training the ejaculatory glands. This can be practiced with the fingers or specialized prostate aids designed for this purpose. As well as the obvious sexual benefits, there are other health benefits. Prostate massage promotes the production of body fluids that bring fresh blood flow to the pelvis. It helps treat prostatitis, so this massage is incorporated into some cancer therapies and addresses other prostate-related problems.

How to order this service?

In the Chilli salon, we make sure that each massage is ideal for our clients. We are aware that prostate massage should only be performed by qualified ladies who are trained accordingly and can provide the ultimate stimulation to help you achieve incredible orgasms!
Prostate massage is provided as an additional service for any type of massage, whether it is a full-body erotic massage, Body to body massage or part of an intensive penis massage, for a small surcharge. Just mention it when ordering so that your masseuse is ready.

Whether it is for you for the first time or you have experience with prostate massages, we have masseuses trained at all levels to provide you with the most empathetic personal approach. Call our receptionist on +420 722 068 519 or write to the online chat on , where you will make a reservation.