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First, your masseuse will start with a very short but necessary consultation to understand how she can adjust the time of the massage to your needs and explain what her limits are during a massage in the Chilli Salon. The next step is a shower, where you can already spend this time with a masseuse. You can order any snacks in the room or at the Lobby Bar, just say so.

Our sensual masseuses use authentic Lingam massage techniques, which create intense and euphoric energy relief in all tantric massages.

Unforgettable intensive penis massage

This massage therapy is an ancient practice that has been passed down through generations. At our Chilli Salon, we have combined this technique with authentic tantric methods that have allowed us to create this unforgettable experience. Intensive massage of the penis is performed slowly, the masseuse keeps all movements rhythmic and uses pressure in various places to manage to maintain this erotic tension at all times. Sexual energy is considered to be the strongest bodily energy, and with this technique you will gradually reach a state that is enjoyed by many in their quest for sensory enlightenment and excessively pleasurable feelings.

Orgasm and ejaculation are under the full control of trained masseuses

An experienced masseuse will use intuition and perceive your limits to slowly satisfy your sexual pleasure with her hands. During this time you will be brought several times almost to its top and back down. Explore the feeling of touch and pleasure, which will strengthen your senses to welcome the erotic waves of bliss that you will feel through this massage and care of elite masseuses in the Chilli Salon.

Benefits of penis massage

There are many fantastic and well-founded benefits of this massage. In addition to the fact that this massage is maximally pleasant, it allows the client to appreciate the path of sexual satisfaction without pressure. Open your mind and you will really learn to experience the pleasure of completeness, which is a huge advantage that clients can learn and practice with their sexual partners. Professional L penis massage has been shown to help with many psychological, mental and physical problems. Through professional techniques and a relaxing atmosphere, sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and impotence can be completely cured. The trusted and private space of the Chilli Salon gives you the perfect opportunity to work on yourself and regain control of your nature, which can give you a great feeling of empowerment and self-esteem. After a few massage dates, you will be able to control and prolong your ejaculation, which is a real boost to your self-esteem and confidence in the bedroom. Stress is an unfortunate symptom that affects us every day, resetting the stress button is essential for living a healthy lifestyle and progressing within your work and personal life. Creating time for yourself is very important and is generally overlooked as a response to stress management. Lingham massage in the Chilli Salon gives you perfect sensual holiness, which disappears from the outside world for one to two hours.

How to order for this unique experience?

Booking your perfect penis massage experience at the Chilli Salon is as follows. Follow the simple steps below, or simply call our office at +420 722 068 519 or via online chat at and ask for an appointment for your perfect relaxation experience.